Elizabeth Grey

Elizabeth Grey

I'm a writer and editor.

I write about finance, careers and education. When I'm not writing I enjoy drinking too much coffee, solving SuDoku and exploring the countryside near my home in Brighton, UK.

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The rise in renting and how it hurts us all

Private renting is on the rise, but what are the knock-on effects for young people’s income, pensions and futures? Elizabeth Grey looks at the deeper issues.

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5 ways eventing makes you better at reaching your goals

When you’re competing at eventing it feels more like a way of life than a hobby, even when you’re in the lower level classes. But, as with many things, careers outside the equine world can get in the way of competing as you get older. Suddenly travelling around the country to competitions every weekend isn’t so easy anymore and when you do go to an event, it’s typically to watch.

Urban Times

Are Today's Austerity Measures Condemning People To Poverty ...

Are Today's Austerity Measures Condemning People To...

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Business 2 Community

How Personality Affects Your Pension Pot

How Personality Affects Your Pension Pot

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Digital Journal

Op-Ed: Is alternative finance a silver bullet for SMEs seeking funding?

Op-Ed: Is alternative finance a silver bullet for S...

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Does alternative finance herald a golden age of British business?

Does alternative finance herald a golden age of Bri...

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Is London Really The Most Expensive City To Live In?

We know it’s expensive here, but things haven’t quite got this bad. Have they?

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What would Bruce Wayne's bank balance look like?

Everyone knows that Bruce Wayne is a very rich man. With the substantial wealth of Wayne Enterprises behind him, Forbes placed him 6th in their Fictional 15 rich list, with $9.2bn to his name.

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Digital Journal

Op-Ed: How will the Help to Buy ISA work?

In the latest budget George Osborne announced a new Help to Buy ISA for first time buyers. How will the Help to Buy ISA work? And will it actually help?
George Osborne has announced his last Budget before the General Election this May. With access to affordable housing still an issue and research showing young people still get help from their parents for deposits, the Chancellor announced the new Help to Buy ISA. Created to give a helping hand to those trying to get on the property ladder, how will it work and will it actually help?
Essentially the Government wants to top up the savings of first time buyers so they have some extra capital to find a home.

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Digital Journal

Op-Ed: The future of theatre: Is this the final curtain call?

In 2014, just how relevant is theatre? In London audiences have been falling gradually for the past few years, but away from the capital the decline is even more marked. So what's causing these slumps? And is this really the end of theatre as we know it?

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Tech Cocktail

Enhance Marketing Campaigns with Next-Level Tech

Once startup founders and marketers have mastered Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook Insights, what’s the next level of marketing tech that makes campaigns more engaging and effective?

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Fight macular degeneration with your diet

People hold their vision very dear to them for good reason. Unfortunately, many of us put our eyesight at risk due to the way we live our lives, often unknowingly. Whether it’s failing to adhere to proper eye care at work or simply a product of age, protecting our vision as best we can is highly important.

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Should the government do more to support manufacturing?

Reviving the British manufacturing sector is a key government policy, with an ambitious target to increase exports to £1 trillion by 2020 and a new body, Reshore UK, being set up to make it easier for companies to bring their manufacturing back to the UK.


SME Lessons from Greggs’ Turnaround

This time last year high street bakery chain Greggs was mired in financial turmoil. A 2.9 % fall in year-on-year sales was costing the company £4.6 million and wiping 7% off the value of their shares. For a while it looked like Greggs was going to join the likes of Woolworths, HMV, Blockbuster and Comet in the list of high street casualties.

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Are we right to distrust The Internet of Things?

From exercise trackers to toasters monitoring toast consumption, the Internet of Things heralds a new era of Big Data where the entirety of our electronic activities is recorded in microscopic detail.