Elizabeth Grey

Elizabeth Grey

I'm a writer and editor.

I write about finance, careers and education. When I'm not writing I enjoy drinking too much coffee, solving SuDoku and exploring the countryside near my home in Brighton, UK.

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Should the government do more to support manufacturing?

Reviving the British manufacturing sector is a key government policy, with an ambitious target to increase exports to £1 trillion by 2020 and a new body, Reshore UK, being set up to make it easier for companies to bring their manufacturing back to the UK.


The impact of the financial crash on pensions | The Economic Voice

The impact of the financial crash on pensions | The...

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Britain's household debt time-bomb

Recent figures show that credit card debt is falling as spending is rising, but Britain’s households are still struggling with debt. At present, UK consumer debt stands at £1.4 trillion, but according to the ONS this figure is expected to grow to £1.9 trillion by 2018.